Use the Visual to Stimulate the Verbal®

Literacy instruction for English speaking & immigrant adults

Use the Visual to Stimulate the Verbal®

The two UVSV® books contain the same 50 photographs. In Verbalize the Visual – Book 1: Fifty Challenges, the page opposite each photograph contains a vocabulary list and questions and hints for students to consider as they write a story about such photograph. In We Speak English We Write English We Read English, the page opposite contains stories about such photograph written by immigrants learning English as a second language. Class activities included study of mistakes in the story as originally written, correction of mistakes, and pronunciation lessons through reading the corrected story to the class. With corrections through class discussion, each story reflects the voice, tone, and substance of what each student author tried to express in a new language. Each student received a typed version of the corrected stories of all students. The stories are a tribute to the efforts of immigrants to learn English as the common and unifying language of the United States. Both books contain a Teaching Manual for the UVSV® Technique — Use the Visual to Stimulate the Verbal®.

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UVSV® Books merit use in:

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Vocational training for workplace literacy
  • Home schooling
  • Elementary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Adult education
  • Writing programs
  • Teaching gifted students
  • Teaching students with learning differences
  • Rehabilitation and recovery programs
  • Prison programs
  • Teaching substantive knowledge and skills
  • Building conversational skills of children

Watch G. A. Mudge introduce the UVSV® teaching technique and books to The Connecticut Association for Adult and Continuing Education during their March 2022 live stream conference. Video and presentation materials provided.

“In my 15 years working in the field of basic literacy instruction for English speaking and immigrant adults, I have not seen any innovation as striking, or more important, than the UVSV books. In Using the Visual to Stimulate the Verbal, Mudge has done nothing less than create a new standard for adult learning materials that inspires students to think, write, and speak with increasing vocabulary — and best of all — to cultivate their imaginings. We could all benefit from these books: learners, teachers and thinkers at all levels.” Margaret Pfaff

Executive Director (Ret.), Literacy Connections, Poughkeepsie, NY

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